Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Use Of Slideshows And Projectors For Information Dissemination

Computers and the geniuses behind them are to be thanked for these very important inventions called slide shows. Apart from creating a slide show for formal gatherings, a slideshow with music can be created that will usually display just selected pictures from a computer and a background music to go with it as it pleases the maker of the slide show. This type of slide show is very easy to create and just requires a computer running a windows operating system and a person with basic computer knowledge. Most computers with a Microsoft windows operating system usually come with software called windows media and this is the major requirement to create the slide show in question.

The first step in creating this slide is to launch the windows media player software and create a playlist. Once a playlist is created, images stored in the computer memory can be dragged and drop into the media player. The images that the creator wants to appear on the presentation are placed at the far right corner of the software and saved. A music track can be added at the same time to spice up the presentation and saved. This playlist is then saved with a name and the person can launch the software at any desired time to access the playlist, which is essentially a slideshow with pictures and music.

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