Sunday, 19 February 2017

best vibrators for women

I never like to be exclusionary, but ladies this one is all about you.  Whether pleasuring yourself or including your partner in the fun, using the best vibrator for you will make all the difference in your outcomes.  Let’s take a closer look at just what’s available in the vibrator market.
Maybe the most recognized and well known female vibrators are the rabbit style.  They come in all types of colors and shapes but the basic idea is always the same.  There is a vibrating dildo to hone in on the G-spot and an external arm to stimulate and vibrate the clitoris.  What a good little bunny!    There are even rabbit style vibrators with a third little arm for anal stimulation.  I call these the triple threat.  So, is there a certain style vibrator that qualifies as “the best rabbit vibrator”?  I can’t say for sure, but it can be fun to give a few a try.
Another option is the tried and true dildo.  Talk about a variety of options.  These come in a wide range of colors, materials, shapes and sizes.  However, be sure to really study the details because not all dildos have a vibrator function.  This really shouldn’t stop you from trying out dildos because there is truly something for everyone.  There is even a kit to clone your man’s penis so that you can have a perfect replica for use in his absence. But maybe that’s not what you’re going for; maybe it’s something a little different like a giant dildo.  Have you got a favorite porn star?  Odds are good there’s a replica of his cock available for your very own private pleasure session.  These are referred to as realistic dildos. Perhaps you’re interested in delving into your own personal fantasy with a certain type of man.  There are dildos available shaped to mimic the very type of man you dream about.  What’s the pool man really packing?   There’s a dildo for that.  So do not overlook the value of the tried and true dildo.  There is one or more that will absolutely rock your world.

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