Monday, 27 February 2017

Understanding Cryptography Using An Encrypted Phone

When the first phone was invented by Sir Alexander Graham Bell at the turn of the 20th century, these phones were created the sole intention of sending messages and transmitting information orally from one person to other who are a distance apart. None of the complexities of the modern phone was envisaged when Graham Bell created the first phone. The modern phone today is more than just a machine used to verbally transmit information from one person to another, it is a collection of machines in a single contraption designed to perform several functions.

The act of encrypting phones has been a monumental feat in the cyberspace and intelligence gathering. Encryption of a phone is very dependent on the makers of the phone. Many phone brands make sure their phones are encrypted during production. The Apple iPhone, for example, is one of those brands of phones that are encrypted during product. According to a report, over nine out of ten iPhones are encrypted compared to about one out of ten Android phones. Most android phone users who are very particular about who gains access to the information on their phones must manually encrypt phone. This is a procedure that can be done by almost anybody and ensures the safety of personal information. 

The major argument for encryption is the fact that it protects private information from prying eyes. Encryption does not only guarantee the safety of the content of a phone, it also ensures that information contained in that phone is not only safe from theft but also makes it unaltered. An encrypted phone cannot be tampered with in such a way that information on that phone is stolen or altered. Safeguarding the information on a phone is a right that must be afforded to every owner of a phone. It is advisable that anyone who purchases a phone that has not been properly encrypted do so themselves for their own safety.

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