Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Canvas tents for camping and fun

There are all types of canvas tents that you will find in the market. Some tents are made keeping the old style in mind while there are others that are made with the help of cutting edge technology and modern inventions. A top quality would include snaps, velcros, zippers and mosquito netting. Unlike old style tents, modern ropes made from nylon material are used for the tents. Tent door flaps can be shut with the help of zipper to keep the cold breeze out.

Canvas wall tents features matter a lot and you can select these features according to your need and requirement. You will need to consider the tent according to the region where you are going for camping. You may need a door in the back if you are camping in a hotter region. A fly is important feature for the tent to keep protect from rainfall.

Consider have reinforced webbing at the storm flap, ridgepole and all corners and also eaves to bear the wear and tension in all these areas. The sod cloth for sealing the edges to keep the dirt outside the tent and also for keeping the cold wind from entering inside the canvas walls tents. Heavy-duty nylon zippers are much more durable and strong as compared to the metals. If your tent has metal zippers, there is a chance that the metal can freeze up in the cold weather making it difficult to run smoothly. For the buckles on the door flaps and windows, nylon heavy-duty zippers are the best option.

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