Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why go to the theater?

        i.            Human Beings
The overall performance of American Airlines Theater is a common cultural phenomenon that exists in every society round the world. Individuals are the only animal species that makes theatre. Understanding theatre helps us know what it means to be human.
      ii.            Self-Expression
Theatre teaches us how to express ourselves more efficiently. It develops our capability to speak our minds and emotions to others, improving our relationships and enhancing the complete world round us.
    iii.            Self experience
American Airlines Theater teaches us about ourselves. It helps us know our minds and see the minds of others work. It helps see how a environments we live affect who we are and who we shall become.
    iv.            History
American Airlines Theater is a good place to lean about history. Rather than reading history from textbooks, theatre makes history alive right from the eyes. Theatre makes learning history enjoyable.
      v.            Globalization
Theatre helps us understand persons from cultures aside from our own. We're trained a great deal lots about persons from cultures from all around the world by learning their traditions. In doing this, we might know how to be much less ethnocentric, and more accepting of others.
    vi.            Self-Empowerment
Performance permeates all sides of our everyday lives. Power relationships are made through performances. Understanding how performances unfold around us will help us to acknowledge and control of the power dynamics that have an effect on us.
  vii.            Social Change
American Airlines Theater is a social place where society checks itself in a mirror. Theatre has long been seen as a laboratory where we could examine the issues that confront the society and effort to clear up those issues.
viii.            Learning
Theatre is a great way to learn more new things. For example, the theatre teaches us about people, locations, and guidelines which we might not be exposed to. Leaning in a theatrical setting makes learning fun.

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